1-5 Pens   $3.90ea
10 Pens   $1.99ea 75 Pens   $1.69ea
25 Pens   $1.94ea 100 Pens   $1.59ea
50 Pens   $1.79ea 200 Pens   $1.39ea
This Duo Pen is perfect for a personal gift, business, fundraising, schools, trade shows, or as a promotional giveaway to present your brand professionally.
Item: 1 x Metal Duo Pen
Pen Colour: Red, Blue, Silver, Black
Pen Trim Colours: Chrome.
Ink Colour: Black
Engrave Colour: Light Grey
Engraving Size: Up to 55mm wide x 6mm high

Please keep this in mind when determining the amount of text you would like engraved. We recommend a maximum of two lines of engraving to make them look nice.

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