High Gloss "I LOVE MUM" Personalised Acrylic Plaque

High Gloss "I LOVE MUM" Personalised Acrylic Plaque



This is a high quality, freestanding, precision cut, personalised Mother's Day ACRYLIC plaque! This plaque comes in a high gloss black acrylic with a bright silver/grey personalised message along the bottom of the plaque. This is the ultimate in personalised gifts for your mother, step-mother, mother in-law or grandmother!

This "I LOVE MUM" plaque sits approximately 86mm high and 240mm long. All our Mother's Day plaques are cut from solid 10mm thick acrylic allowing them to free stand on any flat surface with ease.

NOTE: Be sure to keep the length of the plaque in consideration when choosing your personal text as if it is too long to fit on one line we cannot split it over two lines, we will have to ask you to shorten your request.

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