Printed Promotional Flags - Black Print No Kit

Printed Promotional Flags - Black Print No Kit



These Promotional Flags are perfect attention grabbers for your business, event or school.

They are lightweight but strong, so they fly in light breezes.

Use several of them at a time to promote events, or grab attention of people going by.

Schools use them to promote the sports house groups or at carnivals to help keep kids in a central location

Available in 2 styles with 15 colours in each style.

These flags do not come with kits so are perfect if you already have one. We also sell these flags with kits in our Promotional Flags Section.


Flag Info:

2.5m Polyester Flag which stands 3m Tall off the ground on a Pole.

550mm Flag Width

Lightweight - they will fly well in minimal breeze

Huge Discounts for Multiple Purchases


Some Additional Info to Consider:

Dark Coloured Flags (Purple, Black, Bottle Green, Royal, Navy, Maroon) are best suited to a lighter coloured print.

We recommend black lettering on all other flags as they stand out the best. Coloured print adds $30 per flag compared to black print.

The fewer letters on the Flag will mean we can make ech letter bigger. ie: the world SALE would be significantly larger compared to ON SALE NOW.


We send you a preview of the artwork for sign off before we print, so you can be assured they will look great.

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